Mean Girls.

Well, I have people to kill and airships to destroy, so it’s time for another Friday Quickie (Ha! did you see what I did there? I made a reference to a sexual practice.)

Anyway have this sketch. It’s the first time i’ve done on-paper shading for a loooonnnngggg time. This character belongs to a embryonic writing project of mine. She tends to express displeasure by melting people’s faces off, as demonstrated in the picture. She spends a lot of time being displeased, but mostly people deserve it.

Anyway. Please do have a great friday and a pleasant weekend!

Mind the apocalypse.


2 Responses to “Mean Girls.”

  1. Misneach Says:

    That’s awesome. If I could draw like that I’d totally…uhh…draw like that?

  2. gravedust13 Says:

    Hey! How are ya? I done heard you was back. Hope everything’s going well. 🙂

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